Scottish Theatre

Scotland offers a variety of theatre productions ranging from small-scale productions like musicals to professional productions produced by Scotland's many theatre companies. Today broadcasting any event live has become indispensable. The Scottish theatre screen is surviving and the stagehands and running crew use tested and tried but dated equipment and franklite wall lights to put a show together. 

Scottish Theatre Productions

Edinburgh is home to Playhouse, the largest auditorium in the UK that has staged several major productions like The Lion King. The King's Theatre is a historic building built in 1906 is still thriving today and periodically hosts credible writing workshops. Festival Theatre is well known for its contemporary dance productions. There are several other credible performance venues Eden Court, East Gate Arts Center, and Pavilion theatre. Scottish Ballet and Scottish Opera are two of the most famous dance theatre production companies in Scotland.

Stagehand and Crew Equipment for Rigging in Scottish Theatre

Stagehands are men and women who assist in setting up the lights, sounds, props, and special effects for a production. They work behind and the scenes and are usually trained in multiple disciplines including carpentry, electrics, rigging, and audio and video projection. They don't just assist during a play and its rehearsals but also perform maintenance afterwards. Common equipments used by stage hands include rigging systems operated through power hoists and control systems in case of automated rigging, and blocks, arbours, guides, locks, and rails in case of manual rigging. Stage hands are also responsible for various rigging accessories like battens, clips, clamps, cable cradles, turnbuckles, thimbles and cable pantographs. Rigging equipment also involves hoists for fire safety curtains and canopies for controlling acoustics.

Electrics Equipment for Theatre Productions

The stagehands and the running crew working in the electrics department are responsible for controlling the stage lighting, and spotlights. They also operate fog machines, pyrotechnics (fireworks ) roving instruments, and any other electric special effects. Each production requires several spotlight operators, deck electricians, and a lightboard operator.

Audio Equipment

Stagehands are responsible for installing and operating the microphones including lavalier microphones. They also control the speakers, players, and recorded sound tracks. The crew employed in the sound department will also be responsible for live mixing the production's sound through a sound board.

Apart from these, a production will require several carpentry equipments like machine saws, nails, tacks, and hooks to put the set together and to prepare the deck floor. The properties department, usually called the props department, owns all the items that will be used on the stage. The wardrobe maintains all actors' costumes.